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AI and Usability: key applications focused on User Experience

Enhancing user experience is not an option but a necessity for companies that want to stand out, ensure competitiveness, and achieve success. In this context, Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a valuable ally, empowering us to further refine our approach.

Recently, we spoke with our Head of UX in Spain, who shared ongoing discussions about the relationship between AI and UX, updating us on the main applications of this widely adopted, yet still relatively unexplored, technology.

“The AI vs. UX scenario applies not only to technological inclusion processes but also to improving the behind-the-scenes processes of user experience. The use of AI in workflow processes will increasingly become crucial to gaining a competitive edge in the market, optimizing operations, promoting innovation, and increasing profitability,” explains Gabriel.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in improving usability and user experience in various scenarios. Instead of merely detecting emotions in users’ facial expressions, language, and tone of voice, AI can offer a much broader range of benefits. In the usability research and interface design field, AI can transcribe tests and interviews, synthesizing user feedback insights. It also has the power to generate accurate wireframe drafts, saving time for the designer to focus on creative aspects.

Moreover, AI can create personalized images for specific layouts, making visual communication clearer. It is also a valuable tool in usability analysis, predicting layout errors, attention points, and contrast and readability issues, helping enhance the user experience.

AI is useful in analyzing product and service reviews, summarizing customer feedback on online stores. It can improve customer support through chatbots that use natural language to understand and resolve user queries. Additionally, AI can boost personalization, offering tailored experiences through natural language-based interactions.

Therefore, the potential of AI in usability goes far beyond emotion detection, encompassing a wide range of applications to enhance the user experience.

We are ready to embrace the potential of AI and use it as a lever to provide increasingly effective and agile digital solutions. If you share this vision and aim to enhance user experience in your company, join us on this innovation journey. Let’s talk? Contact us!