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The Impact of Product Discovery on Our Clients’ Business Journey

In the development of our projects, Product Discovery has become a key element in building effective digital products. In a previous article, we delved into the details of how we conduct the Product Discovery process.

Starting with a deep immersion into the problems faced by our clients, our approach is based on continuous interactions, allowing us to adjust and enhance the product constantly. This ensures that it is perfectly aligned with the company’s overall strategy.

One of the biggest advantages of Product Discovery is its ability to eliminate assumptions and uncertainties from the beginning of the process. Not only does this help create more efficient products but it also significantly reduces the risks associated with digital product development.

The result? Long-term time and resource savings.

In this video, our Account Executive, Juliana Miranda, brings two examples of how we have impacted our clients’ businesses through Product Discovery.

In one project we executed for a real estate company, our mission was to develop a digital journey. “Along the way, we realized that it wasn’t part of the property purchase process for the buyer to do it alone on their phone, so we emphasized the importance of the broker in the process. That’s when we adjusted the prototyping and focus,” Juliana explains.

For another client in the financial sector, whose users were investment brokers, they wished to hire a large team to turn an Excel spreadsheet into digital services. “With Product Discovery, we generated a lot of insights about which features were most important, the types of language for marketing strategies, and which technological guidelines would best support the client in investing their money,” she recounts.

Click here to watch the video and learn more about the business impact we’ve created for our partners.