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ALLOS (brMalls)


ALLOS, formerly known as brMalls, is the largest shopping center management company in Brazil, with 31 malls spread over 12 states and 23 cities, including Shopping Villa Lobos, in São Paulo, and NorteShopping, in Rio de Janeiro. The group has 28 websites and 18 apps, which are supported by ília‘s team, in a cooperative effort between its team and that of brMalls.


With a large number of shopping centers under ALLOS’s (brMalls) management, there was a need to make the visitor’s digital experience as important as their physical visit. The goal of the group’s sites and apps is to combine the two experiences.

“The relationship with ília arose from a need we had to find a partner that could help us sustain and evolve our sites and apps,” explained Santiago Carrilho, Head of Software Engineering at brMalls.

To start the work, conversations were held between several areas of the two companies, which covered the sectors of communication, development, and even with brMalls’ former partner.

“Since they were products that were already under development, it was important that ília understood the whole of our company, so that they could have an overview of our products,” explains Santiago.


0 year




Our job

ília mapped out the information about how the digital channels worked. After this step, and delving into the functions of the sites and apps, ília brought the product and business into alignment, seeking their evolution.

We also improved the demand and delivery process. As such, this gave greater autonomy and agility to the commercial, business, and marketing areas of the malls.


Product Management

The delivery resulted in a process improvement and transparency and better organization of demands. Technology, instead of being a hindrance, became a facilitator.

The journey

ília started the work of sustaining the group’s 28 sites and 18 applications and brought solutions as a series of improvements that needed to be made.

One of the challenges was to bring standardization to the digital channels. Until then, instead of having a single source code that would be replicated to the other websites, changes were made individually in each web channel. And the same problem extended to the mobile channels, which generated much more work and a need to repeat the development in all channels.

The technology used until then did not allow autonomy in the updates, which required dependence on the technical team. Anything simple was difficult to execute.

“Our mission was to not mess too much with the visuals, it was not the moment, but there were a number of processes behind the websites that needed to be improved. Sustainment was time consuming and costly for the company. The process needed to be more dynamic and secure, in the sense of not failing,” explains Rodrigo Weber, Head of Markets at ília.

“The companies we had been talking to had a very executor profile, but we were looking for a company that could help us not only in the execution, but also in the evolution of our product. And this was a fundamental factor for us choosing ília,” explains Santiago.


Santiago Carrilho

Head of Software Engineering at brMalls

“The work that ília has been doing here at brMalls has been fantastic. I believe that the relationship of trust that we have created between the two companies has been very beneficial for our product. One result of this is the increase in the number of professionals we have allocated and the number of projects we have distributed to ília over the past year,” says the Head of Software Engineering at brMalls.

According to Rodrigo Weber, we have managed to give brMalls peace of mind. “The moment we stabilized the operation, we brought a positive result and directly impacted the final consumer. The customer needed these digital channels to complete the offline experience: when they go to the mall,” he explains.

After one year, ília is still working on the processes of sustaining the group’s digital channels. “The partnership between the brMalls and ília was fundamental for the success of this project. I believe that if we hadn’t given ourselves and if there was no trust in the work of both parties, this project would not have had the result we have achieved, which we expect more and more from. And I hope we can keep working together so that we can have this success both in the sustaining of our websites and in the evolution of our applications in the malls,” concludes Carrilho.