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How ília helped BB Seguros' digital transformation
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BB Seguros


BB Seguros, a Banco do Brasil company which offers insurance products, had the challenge of improving the user experience in their mobile portfolio.


In addition to optimizing existing journeys, there was a need to develop new products. This project was extremely important, as it would have a significant impact on the lives of the millions of users who access the app every month. These users use the journeys to protect their families and assets, as well as to plan for the future.


“These journeys have a profound impact on our customers. And this influence doesn’t just start during the development process, but from the very first meeting, when we put the customer at the center of our attention. We take into account, for example, how we want them to perceive our product and what their digital experience will be like,” says Theo Emerson, UX Leader at BB Seguros.


The Journey

ília’s partnership with BB Seguros began around six years ago. From the outset, we established a strategic alignment of business models, putting the customer at the center of the decision-making process.


Our work has a significant impact on usability. In addition to considering our client’s commercial interests, we are focused on understanding their users’ needs and the critical aspects of their journey. For us, satisfaction occurs when we manage to guide the user from the first step to the conclusion of the purchase of a service or product,” says André Brandão, UX at ília.


The approach adopted by the project’s developers covers the user’s complete experience during the purchasing process, with the aim of making the choice clearer and helping them all the way to the end of the purchase funnel. “With this broad vision, we acted, for example, by removing obstacles identified through data, such as mandatory fields that the customer didn’t have the information readily available and that weren’t necessary at that stage, but could be filled in later,” says Maruan Oliveira, the project’s Scrum Master.


In just one year and three months, we were able to develop four new hiring journeys in the app, covering Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Protected Credit and a second improvement to Home Insurance. In addition, we introduced a new journey for BB Proteção and revitalized the Auto Insurance hiring experience. During this period, we made more than 200 improvements to the bank’s app.


“Our team at BB Seguros has a clear focus: building new hiring journeys that already exist on other channels and adapting them for mobile. When a journey is already available, our goal is to improve the user experience, both in terms of layout and the usability itself,” explains Maruan.




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The Impact

All these results achieved in collaboration with BB Seguros have a direct impact on the customer experience and the company’s profitability. ” Previously, BB Seguros had less than 30% of these deliveries of new functionalities, therefore we were able to add considerable value and agility to the evolution of the mobile channel,” says Samuel Corado, Market Director in Brasilia.


Throughout our partnership, we have developed a working model that goes beyond providing outsourced services; we have become an integral part of the BB Seguros team. “Today, we have accelerated the pace of improvements to the Banco do Brasil app when it comes to insurance products, which has consequently resulted in an increase in business volume, as well as in the engagement and loyalty of the bank’s customers in relation to these products,” explains Samuel.


When the partnership began, BB Seguros was focused on expanding its sales process. Currently, the concern is not only to expand, but also to guarantee a high level of engagement in the after-sales process. “If we consider the level of maturity of BB Seguros in digital projects when we started the partnership about six years ago, we can say that there has been a growth of more than 300% or 400% in this digital transformation process,” says Samuel.


The development

The start of this work was challenging. As well as maintaining a focus on the client, we were also committed to creating value for Banco do Brasil, BB Seguros and its affiliated companies.

“The team was initially set up to meet the needs of Brasilseg and BB Seguros, but we quickly found ourselves on the path to demonstrating our technical capacity by addressing demands on a more global scale,” explains Brandão. “Our approach involved building, correcting and enhancing smaller components across multiple demands, which gave us significant visibility internally,” he adds.

From that point on, ília was recognized as a partner company that operated in an agile manner. “We went beyond our clients’ expectations, demonstrating our expertise and becoming a benchmark in the sector. This initial choice was fundamental to our growth, as people began to see us as problem-solvers and demand-responders. We evolved from an execution team to a consultancy team, building a relationship based on trust,” says Brandão.


“This partnership was key to advancing our projects, gaining the trust of all our partners and demonstrating that the team as a whole was capable of delivering user-centered solutions, while improving the work routine at BB Seguros and the bank’s app as a whole,” Theo points out.


In addition, we expanded our operations to other opportunities, including Brasilcap, Brasilprev, Brasilseg and even supporting Ciclic, a brokerage that was facing significant challenges in the market due to its fully digital nature. “Today, we have a solid and significant partnership that positively impacts the market,” says Samuel.


The relationship

Regarding the working model adopted for the project, Theo points out: “one of the most interesting things about our partnership with ília is that I can’t say when exactly it stopped being a professional relationship and became an integrative relationship, one of partnership, of trust. Knowing that those people were on my side to deliver in a comprehensive manner what we needed to deliver”.



In this way, we created a relationship of trust. “What’s most important today is that I can trust the people in ília who work with me.

 And I know that they will always do what they can to deliver the best experience to the client, but also delivering it in the best possible way for us at BB Seguros,” concludes Theo.


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