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Development of a digital channel for financial education



With the objective of demystifying financial knowledge for Brazilians, Warren Investment Brokerage launched the Warren Edu education platform. The free content is offered on the broker’s website.

“Warren Edu was born out of Warren’s desire to democratize investment education. To make this possible, we established some criteria and a learning logic based on learning profiles, in addition to the basic premise of working on light and uncomplicated education”, explains Christian Tirelli, head of learning at Warren Brasil.

The Challenge

The platform, designed and idealized by Warren, will impact its more than 300 thousand clients, who are already users of the brokerage firm, and is also open to anyone who wants to learn how to invest their money. ília, already a partner in other projects, was chosen to help Warren in this mission.

It was up to ília to transform Warren’s plan into reality, to educate on financial investments. Together with the brokerage firm’s experience team, ília was involved in the construction of this new digital channel.

ília was responsible for creating Warren Edu’s website (web/frontend) and all the necessary systems (backend) to make it work, including the integration and customization of a Learning Management System, better known as an “distance learning” system, to track the user’s journey according to their progress on the education platform.

The Journey

ília‘s leadership was essential to set up the project scope with the validation of Warren Edu’s proposal and all the necessary technologies for the technical development of the project with the integration to the distance learning system.

It was a challenge to work together with Warren’s UX team, but the word that symbolizes the way everything was conducted is syntony. Thus, it was possible to interact in a way that did not hinder the progress of the project, even though the UX team was on their side of the partnership.

On this side, the technical leadership played an important role during the entire development process, critically evaluating and describing all the necessary integrations for the completion of the user journey.

With this, it was possible to identify points that were previously unknown at the beginning of the project. For example, the inability of Warren’s UX team to customize the distance learning system previously contracted by the brokerage house, which made them look for alternatives to replace the distance learning system with their own, exclusively for Warren Edu in the future.


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The Relationship

At the end of the project, the feedback received was very positive. “The word that defines this relationship is harmony. They told us ‘you looked like a Warren team, and we had the opportunity to be a little bit like ília‘. We had a very short deadline to deliver the project and we could not make any mistakes”, says Rodrigo Weber, head of markets at ília.

Eduardo Cupola, head of product and technology for Warren’s financial education, summarizes the partnership: “It was a pleasant job, with integration of both teams. Warren’s design team was responsible for the user experience and the creation of the prototype, and on the other side, ília’s team was responsible for all architecture and product development. It was a high quality job, which will help us achieve our goal, which is to impact more and more people with light and free financial education.