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Consumer Day – The importance of user experience

Dia do Consumidor

This Wednesday, March 15, is Consumer Day. For us at ília, an efficient consumer journey goes hand in hand with user experience.

This is where one of our specialties, UX Design (User Experience Design), comes in. Currently, we have design teams in various journey projects.

Besides having priority clients in the finance, mobility and insurance sectors in our portfolio, we have closed partnerships with e-commerce companies, which allowed us to gain considerable insight into this sector, which is growing exponentially every day.

Our Head of Experience in Brazil, Roque Sales, brought a relevant insight into the market. According to DMI (Design Management Institute), “Companies with a mindset and strategies centered on experience design have grown 211% more than the average of the other Standard & Poor’s 500 companies over the last ten years.

Furthermore, data from the Baymard Institute shows us that:

  • 27% of cart abandonments is for problems exclusively related to usability;
  • 35% is the conversion improvement in large e-commerces that focus on usability improvement in the purchase flow;
  • 50% of developers’ working time is spent correcting errors that could be avoided during the design stage, and the cost of rework on post-production corrections is four-fold.

For this reason, Discovery is an important step in the delivery of a project. With it, we can map the real user’s needs of your digital product, as well as test new features with real consumers and analyze if the journey is being assertive.

We realize that UX directly impacts the success of your business, not only in digital environments, but also in hybrid and physical journeys.

At the beginning of the digital transformation era, the core idea was the Product/Product mentality, i.e., only websites and apps could “online”.

With today’s large and competitive digital products, it is still necessary to be online, but much more than that, it is necessary to offer a centralized and state-of-the-art service, so that the consumer feels comfortable to make the purchase.

Débora Vilarinhos, one of our Product Designers, says that, in Design, some validation steps are necessary to better understand the product and if in fact it is pleasing to the user. Ideally, one should evaluate their pains, expectations and their journey as a whole, without excluding any relevant data.

“You have to look at what’s going on out there (market) and see what can be brought into the product. Also evaluate if there is improvement in the customer’s vision, our delivery to them and the UX strategy, and make sure it is aligned to the business.

An effective UX strategy will allow the consumer to have an increasingly noise-free journey, and with this, the company will achieve a significant gain in return on investment, thanks to the considerable increase in its average ticket.

According to Forrester, for every dollar invested in UX the estimated return is up to 100 times more.

It is worth remembering that an efficient customer journey is one of the most important points in customer satisfaction for your product.

Check out Roque Sales’ video telling us a little about the importance of User Experience in the consumer journey.