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Salesforce Einstein and the Transformation Driven by Artificial Intelligence

By: Ronnie Jr, Salesforce Tech Lead at íia

Have you already heard about Salesforce Einstein? It’s a powerful tool that integrates artificial intelligence into business operations, allowing companies to benefit from deeper insights, smarter automation, and more personalized customer interactions. A great ally for businesses to stay competitive in an ever-evolving business environment. 

How does it work? Basically, Einstein uses machine learning techniques and natural language processing to provide predictive analytics, intelligent automation, and personalized insights. By integrating AI into various business areas, such as sales, marketing, and customer service, Einstein empowers businesses to make more informed decisions, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance the customer experience, thereby contributing to more efficient operations and more meaningful engagement with customers. 

To illustrate the impact of Einstein on business outcomes, we brought in an example of a project carried out in one of the main pre-purchase financing pool companies in Brazil. In this project, the big challenge was to improve the customer experience and increase its self-service capacity, an important objective of this resolution was to reduce the substantial financial impact this issue was generating on the service operation, drastically increasing its costs. 

The company had its service channels and most of the operation integrated into Salesforce at least at one point, and even though it already had the Einstein module in use, the format of its configuration was not meeting expectations. How many times have we encountered similar situations? We have great solutions available, but without the correct implementation, we cannot extract all their potential. 

Step number 1 was immersion and analysis of the consumer journey and behavior, understanding their aspirations, and the efficient channeling of this insight to the team were vital to redesigning the journey. Through the strategic fusion of our business knowledge, the technical understanding of Salesforce, AI, and clearly, with the help of the powerful Einstein, we bravely sought this evolution. We merged the result of the analysis of the journeys and mapping of the pains of customers, call center, and business needs with technical knowledge in AI and Salesforce. 

One of the main challenges we faced was understanding the behavior of customers who needed assistance, considering the reality of the existing bot. For this, we carried out an extensive content curation work, analyzing tens of thousands of transcripts. With this, we built an adequate tone and voice document for the reality of our client and a comprehensive action plan that involved an extensive roadmap of improvements. The plan had a clear objective: to improve the automated service regarding more complex services, such as performing bid offers, analyzing approvals, and disseminating information about assemblies, among others. These areas were underutilized by the bot, which often resulted in the need for an agent’s intervention.

Based on our analyses and the roadmap we drew up, we began the implementation of improvements. In nearly a year of the project, we managed to triple the number of vital services that customers could access autonomously. We achieved significant improvement in the performance of the company’s chatbot. This transformation had a noticeable reflection on the indicators, such as the bot user retention rate. In January 2021, this index was at 60%, but by the end of the same year, an impressive 76% was reached.

This substantial increase notably surpasses the market average, which is 40%, as demonstrated by a survey conducted by Botanalytics*.

And what do we see as the main advantages of using Salesforce Einstein in this project? We list some features for you

  • Predictive Analytics: Einstein is capable of analyzing historical data to identify patterns and trends, allowing companies to make more accurate predictions about future customer and market behavior. 
  • Personalized Recommendations: Based on customer data, Einstein offers personalized recommendations to enhance interaction with customers, suggesting products, services, or actions that align with their interests and needs.
  • Intelligent Automation: Through machine learning, Einstein can automate business processes, identifying activity patterns and performing routine tasks efficiently and accurately. 
  • Natural Language Processing: Einstein is capable of understanding and analyzing natural language, allowing companies to extract insights from unstructured texts, such as emails, social media, and customer service transcripts. 
  • Lead and Opportunity Scoring: It helps prioritize leads and sales opportunities based on conversion probabilities, ensuring that sales teams concentrate their efforts on the most promising leads. 
  • 360º Customer View: Einstein gathers information from various sources to create a comprehensive view of each customer, allowing sales, marketing, and service teams to have a complete understanding of their past and current interactions.

Salesforce Einstein presents a vast horizon of possibilities often not yet explored. From predictive analytics to intelligent automation, we find that our team’s expertise in Salesforce tools and methodologies, artificial intelligence, and user experience allows us to provide customized solutions that maximize efficiency, enhance customer service personalization, and generate actionable insights. 

Do you want to delve into a universe of excellence in Salesforce Einstein? 

Join us on this journey to explore the frontiers of intelligent innovation, expanding horizons, and achieving remarkable results.

*Reference: Botanalytics research – https://chatbotslife.com/how-to-quickly-improve-your-chatbots-retention-engagement-ed41ebbaca0b)