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Seven out of ten banking transactions are digital


“The world is increasingly digital”— this statement gained more emphasis during the pandemic and is directly linked to the process of designing digital products, do you know why?

Exploring digital channels creates more opportunities to offer efficient and accurate financial products and services, but it is not the only important factor.

Knowing the market, establishing agile practices, performing product discovery effectively, and knowing how to apply each technology in the right scenario complete the set of best practices that we perform here at ília. Which will make your product much more relevant to the current market.

A recent survey conducted by Febraban showed a reality that is already noticeable today—Brazilians prefer digital banking transactions over physical ones.

In 2021, the number of transactions via PIX exceeded R$ 4.5 billion. The increase in bill payments via digital applications was also significant.

Today’s consumer yearns for financial services that are digital and meet their demands with agility, speed and, let’s not forget, security.

The need to meet this growing demand for digital banking solutions is evident.

The services can vary according to the user’s journey, ranging from: the initial login screen with all the basics of usability; the responsiveness of the site; the efficiency of the application when performing the transaction; the contracting of new financial services; to the relationship with the customer.

Chatbots are not left out

Within this same survey, we can see that there are already more than 185.1 transactional queries made via Chatbot. This data shows us how much we can increase the efficiency of service channels, saving the time of human operators. At ília, we have customized and configured this structure with the help of the best CRM in the world — Salesforce.

As a technology company specialized in digital products, we also work in financial markets through end-to-end conception coupled with a 360° vision of the project and the business.

Now, more than ever, it will be necessary to put into action the digital transformation strategies in your company. We can do it together. Visit: ilia.digital