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How Vinci Partners and ília Innovated the Insurance Market with a 100% Digital Journey
100% Digital Journey

Vinci Partners

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Vinci Partners is a Brazilian investment fund company founded in 2009, focused primarily on a comprehensive portfolio of alternative investment strategies and solutions.

In 2022, the company identified an opportunity in the insurance market and proposed a 100% digital, transparent, and educational insurance buying journey. With ília’s support, this proposal was validated and implemented, resulting in an innovative digital product. 

Explore the case that redefined the Brazilian approach to insurance purchasing, offering a transformative experience aligned with current demands. Thus, Vinci Life and Pension emerged with active participation from ília in the end-to-end construction of this product.

Our Challenges

Among the main customer pain points identified by Vinci was the difficulty in dealing with manual processes, paper forms, and documents susceptible to loss during the process, causing misalignment between customers and suppliers in insurance purchasing journeys.

Ideas were therefore conceived to address these issues and provide a 100% digital purchasing experience for their services, drawing on insights from stakeholders in the insurance sector.

 Vinci knew what needed to be done, but these certainties needed validation from end-users and guidance from digital product experts with extensive experience in insurance technology.


Vinci chose to forge the path of building this solution with a valuable partnership that continues to this day. ília, an expert in technology for the insurance market, delved into Vinci’s hypotheses and initiated the Product Discovery process.

Using our agile framework and expertise in Product Discovery, we combined the best of both worlds and progressed to the testing and validation phase with an optimized operational time, the result of agile processes executed by professionals with exceptional skills.

The main challenge of this project was to understand and test the accuracy of the hypotheses formulated by Vinci and validate the certainties related to an issue in the insurance sector, from a technological perspective, within a short period.


The Numbers

months of development
applications built from scratch
years of partnership
new portals under construction
customers expected by 2024
0 mil


The Journey

To build an innovative application in the pension market, ensuring a completely digital purchasing journey, it was vital to establish a solid foundation. We began this process with a comprehensive customer-centric Product Discovery, where Vinci’s active collaboration was crucial at every stage.

The discovery process involved a complete immersion in Vinci’s business and product, validating all presented possibilities. The rigorous product discovery process, lasting three to four months, included methods such as intensive research, workshops, customer training, and interviews with end-users. This differentiated approach allowed us to assess the product’s adherence to expectations, making it a crucial step for the project’s success.

Throughout the product conception journey, we identified parallel project branches during research and validations. From the initial conversations to delivering a faithful prototype, we worked on screen development with our professionals and technical leadership, applying elaborate design system concepts and continuously raising the usability standard.


With the completion of the MVP, we began the effective development of the application using an outsourcing approach. We took on the role of Vinci’s main partner in development management, allowing the organization to focus on its core operations while we efficiently executed activities as specialists.


Alexandre Borges, CTO of Vinci, highlighted: ‘ília’s partnership with Vinci was essential to launch a more assertive MVP, thanks to the Product Discovery process. ília continues to allocate technical leadership and squads for the continuous evolution of the product, exceeding the team’s expectations.’


‘ília has truly embraced the partnership with Vinci, setting a high standard that reflects joint commitment and dedication to achieving the success cultivated to this day,’ says Adriana Fulaz, our Account Manager for the insurance market at ília.




Alexandre Borges

CTO at Vinci Partners

‘Vinci’s mission today is to be a technology company before being a pension company, and for that, a strong product vertical, an extremely qualified engineering team is needed, and in that, ília has helped us in a compelling way. Our position as a Prevtech has, in ília, an extremely strategic partnership.’



We shifted the project’s direction through the completion of the Discovery phase. Additionally, we delivered the solution ahead of schedule.

Reflecting on the project’s outcomes, Maruan Oliveira, our Delivery Manager, emphasizes: “Through our collaborative efforts, we’ve achieved a delivery that empowers Vinci to set ambitious goals for 2024, fortified by our enduring partnership.”

Throughout this collaboration, our rapport was pivotal, underscoring the resilience of both teams in comprehending and surmounting challenges along the journey, culminating in a delivery of exceptional quality. ília wholeheartedly embraced Vinci’s objectives, fostering a sense of unity within our team.

Currently, the individual-focused application named ‘Mio’ is readily accessible on major app stores (App Store and Google Play Store); corporate portals and partnerships are advancing, with the website accessible here.