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Salesforce: The Benefits of Implementing Financial Services Cloud in One of Brazil's Largest Fintechs

by Bernardo Pettersen – Salesforce Tech Lead at ília


The Financial Services Cloud is a segmented module of Salesforce designed for companies in the financial sector. We already know that CRM aims to centralize certain departments in order to offer a unique and centralized experience, and this specific cloud is targeted towards sectors seeking a strong and lasting relationship with their clients, providing elevated features and dashboards never before seen in other customizations.

Our challenge

An investment platform of one of Brazil’s largest fintechs was facing a common challenge among big players in the investment field: decentralized operations. With expertise in the financial services markets, ília worked on optimizing their processes through Salesforce. The strategic objective was to enhance the investment advisory service – which operates 100% digitally – and provide a more detailed view of their clients, allowing advisors to manage portfolios and provide more focused and personalized assistance to their investors.

With this optimized view within Salesforce, the fintech was able to scale its operations, enabling the customer advisory team to have a greater number of accesses to the platform. Thus, they began to offer more effective customer service to the end client. The operational change led to a reduction in average call time and, consequently, an increase in the number of clients served, significantly raising the conversion rate. This, in turn, led to enhanced operational efficiency in a simplified and direct manner.

The journey

The work began with a Proof of Concept (POC), where we demonstrated the solutions of Financial Services Cloud and CRM Analytics, highlighting the operational gains that could be achieved through the use of these tools. This demo was conducted by a small team, consisting of three multidisciplinary profiles, over a short period of three weeks.

We conducted the entire product discovery process, came to understand the company’s main challenges and needs at that time, mapping out the deliverables that would yield the most results and impact. We also designed the architecture and processes to be integrated into the tool, aiming to facilitate implementation and accelerate deliveries.

Once the configuration of the Financial Services Cloud began to cater to the company’s work methods and how it recorded customer and investment data, we imported all customer data and investment portfolios linked to each of them. So as to streamline the advisory journey and gain a 360-degree view of the product, we applied omnichannel, eliminating the need to consult other systems, which saved us execution time.


Within just three weeks, we completed the delivery and partially migrated operations into Salesforce. Meanwhile, we continued to monitor users, tool usage, and difficulties faced during the adaptation process. Based on the feedback received, we evolved through customer satisfaction measurements, conducted through surveys within the tool’s own Survey module.


The adoption of the platform was so positive that we embarked on an evolution process. As a result, we improved the system with integrations, leading to an enhanced experience. Two months after the Proof of Concept (POC) was delivered, the investment advisory service was already able to independently move the entire operation into Salesforce.


The result

We delivered complete management of client portfolios with investments, allowing advisors to record calls related to each client and to view the types of investors included in their portfolio. This enabled them to act in a targeted manner by providing guidance and encouragement to clients on how to invest correctly and achieve higher profitability.

Currently, all of this is tracked by CRM Analytics in a very comprehensive analytical management view through dynamic panels which provide insight into all clients, their respective segments, portfolios, asset classes, and other topics related to a strong relationship with the product.

By retaining more investors, the monetary value of investments has steadily increased, with satisfied clients, optimized advisor operations, and a considerable ROI achieved. Today, the advisory service has two million clients and a portfolio with over R$30 billion in assets.